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Tong Geng Enterprise Co., Ltd. is specializes in design and manufacturing of dyeing equipments for fabric dyeing and yarn dyeing. With over 30 years of solid experience, Tong Geng is one of the leading and skilled suppliers in the world. Our aims are to design and manufacture top quality, advance and efficient textile machineries, and continuously research & develop innovated products, and comprehensive customer services global wide.

Dong Nam Industrial Co.,Ltd

Dong Nam Industrial Co.,Ltd is the company which make Dryer m/c, Calender m/c, Slitting m/c, Setting m/c and etc. After establish Dong Nam machine March, 1990, is growing steadily based on inside and outside of the country export. Is exporting much in southeast Asia mainly, added trade business at February, 2002 so that can export to the more countries forward.Is going to have machine manufacture and experience of export during long period, and try always new technical development and quality improvement, ask many interests.

Science its foundation in 1988, E-star ,as manufacture & exporter , has continued expanding customer base in business of textile ,garment and sweater .

"All products should be treated wholeheartedly based on the trend of the time , consensual taste and sensibility of customers"

this is the philosophy E-star has maintained since it was established.

Hsing cheng machinery industrial co., ltd was established since 1984.we focus
on after dyeing and finishing machine as automatic slitting & scutching machine,
Continuous scutcher & vacuum hydro extractor machine, cylinder drum drying machine,
Automatic inspection & winding machine, automatic pefilm packing machine etc. we have launched our created brand 【hsing cheng】 allover the world and win reputation from our clients. We insist to provide our
best program and design to our customers based on enthusiasm, profession
and long-term experience as well as we have dedicated high performance machines to our supporters.

Hong-Cheng Technology is a specialized manufacturer of automated machines and equipment, the major products line are PUR Hot-Melt Laminating Machines and Fabric Coating Machines, has been selling to South Asia over 10 years, established market reputation and customer trust.

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